We develop software that enables large scale problem solving by binding context to data and empowering users to codify, share and re-use their data understanding.

Bundles and Batches Schema

Context at the base of your data

Tagging columns using traditional metadata fields is like dropping a pile of post-it notes on your colleague’s desk. Add context to your data using the Bundles and Batches Schema to describe your data in a uniform manner.

Bundles and Batches Graph

Unlock a graph of possibilities

Once the context of your data has been properly described, related transformations are unlocked automagically. Apply existing transformations or define new context to experience the most efficient data-workflow imaginable. Data engineering has never been this easy.

Code editor with CDK transformation

Bundles and Batches CDK

Write once.
Use anywhere.

CDK stands for Context Development Kit. Define the context of your data, codify transformations using the CDK and connect it to the graph. Decide whether the context is private, shared within your organisation or with the whole world.

We fit right in

We don’t replace your current stack, we complement.
Use Bundles and Batches alongside your favorite tools and apps. Get started immediately with one of our integrations or implement our extensive API for a tailor-made solution.

Product positioning in the market
Bundles and Batches is cloud and platform agnostic

Stay in control of your data

Store data in your own cloud or let Bundles and Batches manage your data storage. We provide a trusted connection between all parties.

Ready to transform your organisation?

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