One API to access all datasources

Bundles and Batches provides a Data-ingestion and Data-management service. We take care of the data integration while you can focus on extracting business value from data.

Ingest and manage data using the Bundles and Batches services

Leave the Data Engineering to us

Bundles and Batches delivers a ready to use dataplatform, from which you can access our ever expanding collection of datasources freely.

In addition Bundles and Batches can take care of your entire data ingestion and data management processes; these tasks generally don't require any knowledge of your business, and are considered unpopular among analysts and scientists. This enables your data analytics team to focus on the fun stuff and deliver results instantly.

  • Kickstart your analytics; B&B has a fast expanding collection of free to use, high quality datasets available on a multitude of topics. With these datasets you can dive straight into the benefits of analysis and skip the steps of ingestion, pre-processing and transformation.

  • Full service data platform; Reduce your engineering workload and let us take care of the ingestion, data preparation and monitoring of all data sources.

  • Well documented data catalog; Working with uniform-datasources is a demanding feature; let B&B run the tight ship of datamanagement while you gain clear insights from universal mergeable datasources.

  • Data augmentation; by adding identifiable datapoints and (geographical) enrichments to datasources, data sources are easy to join and contain added value which can be easily extracted.

Collaborate using the power of unified data

When working together, using the same datasources and the same formatting of data is crucial. Bundles & Batches allows you to focus on the matter at hand; we provide a fully scaleable and safe environment for easy collaboration. We help you to set-up your collaboration dataprojects when needed (feel free to reach out to us).

Data collaboration consists of the following strategic building blocks:

Collaborate on dataprojects
  • Create new datasources (together) and contribute to the datasources of others, by adding augmentation or contextual information. You can also create new information by combining your own data with B&B's open datasources.

  • Safe access and low complexity collaboration; all collaborators have access to the same datasources in the same appointed format, restricted access is granted through the B&B environment using the latest security measures

  • Share your open datasources; enrich the lives of others by sharing your open datasources with the rest of the world through the fast, reliable B&B dataplatform.

  • (Sell) licensed datasources; paid and/or licensed content, can easily be sold/distributed though our marketplace. Keep track of reach, revenue and usage on your licensed data sources.

Keep your team focused on analysis

A typical data analytics team spends 80% of their effort on data ingestion and pre-processing. The 20% that remains is spent on gaining insights from data. Instead let Bundles and Batches take care of the tedious work and empower your data team to focus on results. Drive straight into analysis to maximise added value for your business.


cost reduction when outsourcing data ingestion


faster time to extract value from data


Amount of effort spent by a typical analytics team before data analysis can take place

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